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The ECHO BEACH collection

Let us take you back in time. Back to the early seventies, where the search for a life in balance with nature was taking a new breed of surfers away from the well-known coasts of Australia and California and far away to the unspoiled and undiscovered beaches in Hawaii and Bali.
In search for a balanced life and the perfect wave these surfers ventured into the unknown. Boards under their arms and dreams of something bigger in their minds. A group of friends exploring the measures of all things beautiful, shaping their own surfboards, and living of the land in harmony with nature.

The pioneering spirit of these surfers inspired filmmakers Alby Falzon and David Elfick to create the classic surf movie Morning of the Earth in 1971, where we follow a group of surfers travelling to the then unknown beaches of Bali like Green Bowl and Echo Beach.

We see the first recordings of the giant waves of Ulauwatu at Bali´s most southern point being surfed with the backdrop of a bohemian lifestyle where focus was on living a fulfilled life.
The colors, feelings and structures of our new collection has found its inspiration in these very special years in the surfing community, where surfing manifested itself as more than a sport.
As a dream of a life in balance.

Morning of the Earth is now available in a re-stored version and please don´t miss out on this inspirational masterpiece about a culture we love.